Zero Downtime with Zero DevOps

The service that keeps your website always up and running. Get a High Available infrastructure for your application with just a few clicks.

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Downtime = fewer clients, fewer purchases, less money 😞
Zero Downtime 👍 can be achieved with a High Availability infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.
But AWS = complexity 😨 → you need DevOps Engineers.

WSP AWS = a HA infrastructure made simple. 15 minutes from start to launch 🚀
No experience required. No Downtime. No DevOps. Designed for you.

How To Start

Login via GitHub or Google

No need to install WSP AWS – it's a SaaS product. No need to register – you can log in with your GitHub or Google account. It's secure – WSP AWS will get only your email and username.

Get a Free Trial Environment

You automatically get a Free Trial Environment for testing purposes.

Specify a Git repository with a Dockerfile

WSP AWS will build a Docker image according to the Dockerfile. WSP AWS doesn't touch your Git repository. It only checks it out. Features like “Build on commit” work without any webhooks or modifications of your repository.

Or specify your Docker image

WSP AWS will use it as it is.

Set custom options or use the default ones

The default options are good enough for most applications.

Database via an AWS RDS cluster

A managed database with backups and protection against accidental deletion. Easy, powerful, stable, scalable. WSP AWS passes the connection parameters to your application using the specified environment variables. It's secure and convenient.

Build and Deploy

Everything is set up: your application source, resources, autoscaling, database, file system, and so on.

Just click the Build and Deploy” button, wait for 5-15 minutes, and get your application running with High Availability.

Yes, so simple.


Your application is running with high availability using WSP AWS.

Additionally, we give you a free technical domain name secured with a free TLS certificate. You can also set up your custom domain name.

What's next?

  • Setup the Production environment using your AWS account
  • Keep your Staging up to date with the "Build on commit" feature
  • Have a look at Logging and Monitoring (already set up)
  • Review your AWS costs with preconfigured Cost Explorer
  • Roll back if you published a bad build
  • Restrict access to your Staging using Access Rules
  • Be happy, don't worry :)



⏱️ API will be available later. To stay tuned, join the community!


Note: if you don't use WSP AWS free trial, you need to pay AWS for the AWS resources you consume according to the AWS pricing. To estimate the costs you can use Cost Explorer (available right from the WSP AWS user interface) or AWS Pricing Calculator.