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The service that makes your website never down. High Availability infrastructure for your application with Zero DevOps.

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If you run a ecommerce web site, every minute of downtime means you loose purchases, clients and money.

How to make a web site that never down? Setup High Availability infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

But AWS is complex. We experienced it.

As a solution we developed this service. WSP AWS makes AWS easy to use, at that all the AWS power remains and belongs to you, the web site owner.

How To Start


Login via GitHub or Google

WSP AWS is a SaaS, so you don't need to install it. Also you don't need to register - you can login with your GitHub or Google account. It's secure - WSP AWS will get only your email and your username.

Free trial Environment

After your first login you'll automatically get a Free Trial Environment. This Environment is restricted in terms of features and time, but you don't need to pay for it. You can use that Environment for testing purposes.

register your app

Specify a git repository with Dockerfile

For now, your application should be able to run as a docker container. It means the git repository should contain Dockerfile. For testing purposes you can use our example application. WSP AWS don't touch your git repository - it only does checkout, nothing more. Such features as "Build on commit" work without any web hooks or other modifications of your repo.

Set options on your choice or use default ones

Obviously, you can specify the options you want for you application. There are a lot of options, but you can use default values and change them later.

Database via RDS cluster

Obviously, you can specify the options you want for you application. There are a lot of options, but you can use default values and change them later.

build and deploy

Build and Deploy

So, you specified the git URL of your application and set required options - resources, autoscaling, database, file system and so on. Just click the "Register and deploy" button, wait for 5-15 minutes and get your app running with High Availability. Yes, so simple.

Your app is running with High Availability

Congratulations! You've started with WSP AWS and get your app running. BTW, notice that you've got a free technical domain name with a free TLS certificate. You can set up your custom domain name as well.

Next steps could be:

  • setup Staging and Production environments using your AWS account
  • configure the "Build on commit" feature for the staging instance of your app
  • discover Logging and Monitoring that WSP AWS set up for you automatically
  • discover Cost Explorer that WSP AWS configured for you with Custom Cost Allocation Tags, so you can easily review and tune your AWS spendings
  • play with Build History and fast Rollback features
  • set up Access Rules if you don't want to show your Staging environment to the whole Internet
  • be happy! :)


  • 1. AWS account

    If you don't want to connect your AWS account to WSP AWS, you can use a free trial environment for testing purposes.

    For production use, WSP AWS configures your own AWS account using ARN Role. AWS resources belong to you - you pay for them, you own them. As you own the resources, you may stop use WSP AWS at any time, and your infrastructure will keep working.

  • 2. Git repository

    For now, WSP AWS gets the source code of your application using git repository.

    In the future, WSP AWS will support more ways to provide an application - docker registry (e.g., DockerHub), image as a file, etc.

  • 3. Dockerfile

    For now, WSP AWS supports applications that can be run as a docker container. Dockerfile should be present in the root directory of the git repository.

    In the future, you will be able to run applications without docker by choosing pre-configured runtime.


API CLI will be available later. Join our Facebook group to stay tuned!


  • Free trial

    Free trial is totally free. Free trial is limited by time, WSP AWS features and AWS Resources.

    Time: usually, you can use free trial for a week. If you need more - contact us.

    WSP AWS features: Cost Explorer or Logging/Monitoring aren't available for free trial. To use these features please connect your AWS Account.


    For now, the service is running in beta mode, so, for this period the service itself is free. For the production mode, the price will depend on the features you use. The cheapest plan will be ~$30/mo, the most expensive will be ~$200/mo.

    You can easily opt out of using WSP AWS and your configured infrastructure will still work.

  • AWS Account

    As WSP AWS configures your AWS Account, if you don't use free trial, you should pay to AWS for AWS resources you consume according to the AWS pricing.

    You can use Cost Explorer (available right from the WSP AWS user interface) or AWS Calculator service to estimate the costs.


  • You say you need only git repo with Dockerfile, but Dockerfile doesn't contain database definition. How can I set up database?

    Correct, Dockerfile doesn't specify database. To set up a database you need to select database type and make sure your application gets database connection parameters via environment variables. It's easier to try in the WebUI than explain by words!

  • What about Docker compose?

    Despite that AWS declares compose support in ECS, actually, real application don't work because AWS ECS supports limited set of instructions. This problem can be fixed on WSP side, so, this feature will be available later.